Synovia Wellness Consulting offers individually tailored classes for any fitness level. Please select below which service you are interested in for more information.



Group Classes

Have we mentioned our classes are some of the most unique classes around? Our FUNctional Bootcamps are designed to create increased mobility, increased joint strength, stamina, increased joint stability and thoracic spinal mobility. What does all this mean? It means a great heart pumping workout with exercises specifically designed to increase strength and mobility. Where most Bootcamp workouts leave you feeling extremely tight and uncomfortable, our Bootcamp classes focus on functional movements that actually help your body move better, feel better and perform better in the stadium of life. Contact us today for more information and sign up for a Bootcamp near you! Not sure if the class is for you? Don’t worry. We offer a one time FREE pass for (2) classes. Classes MUST be taken during the same week.

Private Classes

At Synovia we work hard to make sure each of our clients is getting the best crafted individual workouts in the wellness industry today. Our team dedicates tireless hours to make sure each client gets individualized programming and energizing, challenging workouts that will leave you wanting to push past your limits.

-For busy professionals we offer:

  • Customized training regimens that can be implemented anywhere in the world with minimal equipment (if any at all.)

  • Customized diet plan to fit your destination and personal requirements

  • Skype sessions to keep you on track with your goals

  • 24-hour access to our staff to get your questions and concerns resolved.

Group Classes

Private Classes


4 Sessions per month


8 Sessions per month


12 Sessions per month


16 Sessions per month


Our seminars are crafted specifically for your team and employees. Through our two most popular seminars packages we conduct an initial analysis so we can provide the most effective and efficient exercise protocol for your team. Our seminars last from 1-hour to 2-hours in length depending on the number of participants, individualized instruction needed and number of specifically crafted exercises. These protocols are sure to help your employees and team members maintain higher energy levels throughout the day, increased productivity and increased mood which translates to higher overall company effieciency.

Seminar Pricing


1-hour seminar+ individual instruction


2-hour seminar+ detailed movement analysis of team members+individual instruction


2-hour seminar + detailed movement analysis of team members+ individual instruction + pdf and printed pamphlet of specifically crafted exercises+ Synovia Swag

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30- Day Challenge dates

The Synovia 4- Week Challenge will begin classes Monday February 5th and the last class will be extended to Wednesday February 28th. Participants are encouraged to sign-up with a friend for increased accountability.

Food for Thought: Did you know you are 95% more likely to succeed in a goal with an accountability partner?

Your Challenge Checklist

  • Sign up for 30 day challenge

  • Attend any one of our Synovia Circuit Classes up to 3 days per week

  • Follow recommended grocery and meal plan options

Final Notes:

Progress will be tracked via weekly weigh-ins and body composition testing. Results will be recorded in an excel spreadsheet to track each participants progress.

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